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  • This book, written by Dr David Servan-Schreiber, had me hooked - I read it in one sitting (I usually never do that).

    He was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and wrote a book called "Anti-Cancer, a new way of life" which is all about nutrition, exercise, fear, meditation, and his own experience on the roller coaster ride of a cancer diagnosis.

    I have numerous books on cancer, this one is my favourite - its personal touch, its easy explanation of the scientific literature on natural therapies for cancer support, and the practical, take home information on diet, mindfulness, & the effect of fear and negativity on the body. He lived for 20 years from his original diagnosis (a relapse in 2010, before he passed away 18 months later) to pen the follow up "Not the Last Goodbye" - on life, death, healing, and cancer. There's a chapter called Precious Moments from which I'd like to quote:

    • "When you lose hope, everything stops... I stay connected to my loved ones and try to focus on everything that gives me pleasure in life. I cultivate these sources of hope very attentively. They give me the desire to live until tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that. You should never, absolutely never, let go of the most precious faculty of all, which is the ability to laugh with all your heart. Even when you're suffering from a fatal illness, there are still plenty of reasons to laugh, and I strongly recommend that as they fly past you, you reach out and grasp every one you can."
    • The mere fact this man lived for 20 years after a diagnosis of brain cancer is extraordinary - the fact that he did so using a combination of medical oncology treatments, diet, and meditation, is a timely reminder to all of us with cancer, in remission, or wanting to reduce our risks, that there is a massive amount we can do to help heal, recover, or prevent serious illness (our health really is in our hands, hence my business name!).
    • I highly recommend both books to any of you that enjoy reading about health, personal journeys, and the complex question of how we choose to live and how we prepare for death - I know it may sound dull and depressing, but aside from a wiping away a few tears during the book, I felt deeply touched, uplifted and full of hope that life is truly a gift.
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