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    • Sinus infections (sinusitis) affects millions of Australians every year. 

      It occurs when the mucus membranes in your nose and sinuses become irritated by a cold, allergy, pollutants, or exposure to dry or cold air.

      This irritation causes the membranes to become inflamed, which slows down the motion of your cilia (the tiny hairs that coat the mucus membranes and are responsible for moving mucus over their surfaces).

      Simultaneously, the irritation causes the mucus glands to produce more mucus than usual to dilute the bacteria. Consequently, mucus gets trapped in your sinuses, where it can easily become infected.

      How to treat sinusitis without drugs:

    • 1.
      1. Drink hot liquids - tea, soup, broth
    • 2.
      1. Include hot spices like chilli, cayenne, ginger, wasabi
    • 3.
      1. Apply warm compresses to your face 3/day for 5 min
    • 4.
      1. Irrigate your sinuses - this is a more rigorous nasal cleaning process that produces better results than a saline spray
    • 5.
      1. Bowen therapy - this can help stimulate lymphatic drainage to drain the sinuses, as well as address sinus headaches. Bowen therapy available at Health in Our Hands clinic, please call Christine on 9501 0326
    • 6.
      1. Aromatherapy steam bath - I recommend Secret Scent by Sharen Turner wwwsecretscent.com.au or 0413 952 495
    • 7.
      1. Review your diet with a Naturopath - dairy can be a leading aggravating factor in sinus congestion, but other foods can be implicated if you have an intolerance
    • 8.
      1. Dust your bedroom and wash linen regularly - using a HEPA filter air purifier may help reduce allergens
    • 9.
      1. Herbal medicines - various medicinal herbal extracts can be prescribed to manage infection, reduce congestion, and improve lymphatic drainage
    • 10.
      1. Attend to any unresolved emotional issues - have you "had it up to here" with a situation or relationship, do you feel "blocked" in some area of your life? Counselling services available at Health in Our Hands clinic, please call Deena Thompson on 0438 811 117

    • So start breathing through your nose again, banish that head pressure/heaviness, think more clearly, get rid of the box of tissues that follow you around, and make the time to see a Naturopath.
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