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  • Massage works by treating the soft tissue of the musculo-skeletal system. However, it affects all body systems especially the circulatory and nervous systems. As such, it can help to reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow, enhance tissue healing from injury or trauma, and either calm or stimulate the nervous system.

    Massage reduces blood pressure and heart rate, relieves pain, speeds the removal of waste products from the body, and enhances mobility through the muscles and joints. But if you’re just after some pampering…then an aromatherapy relaxation massage is just for you!

    Remedial massage... is used for general and specific areas of the body to soften and mobilize muscles. Also used to treat tight and constricted muscles in the face, neck, shoulder, back, arms and legs.

    Swedish massage... A relaxing and nurturing treatment. Relieves stress, tension, headaches and muscular aches.

    Sports massage... prevents injury with regular massage, treats specific injuries such as muscle micro tearing, tendonitis. Also used to enhance recovery during injury, reduce and help align scar tissue formation.

    Kahuna Hot Stone Massage... is based on the ancient art from the Hawaiians using hot stones, coconut oil and techniques from Hawaiian Ka Huna Lomi Lomi massage. Click here for the full brochure

    Speak with Maria for all your massage needs, including Gift Vouchers for those special occasions.

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