What really bugs me about alcohol is that there are too many negatives and not enough (any?) positives, especially with daily drinking and binge drinking. Please give your body at least 4 alcohol- free days per week and NEVER binge drink.

Here's why...

1. It affects your sleep cycle, which decreases your body's ability to store glycogen (an important energy source), as well as increases the level of cortisol (a stress hormone).

2. It places a heavy detoxification burden on your liver, and can cause liver damage.

3. Alcohol reduces muscle protein synthesis which impacts on your muscles ability to recover, grow and adapt.

4. It increase your risk of breast cancer, and other cancers

5. Alcohol contributes to brain shrinkage (this has been confirmed on MRI studies on low to moderate level drinkers)

6. It increases urination which can lead to dehydration

7. Alcohol increases the production of stomach acid which may lead to digestive problems such as nausea, stomach pains, and also generalised muscle/ joint aches

8. It is a pure carbohydrate so your body will use it for energy rather than using fat stores (bad news if you're needing to lose some kg's)

So if you decide to drink (which at this time of year is a given for most of us), then take these steps to help your body manage better...

  • Take a B complex supplement

  • Take St Mary's Thistle (tablet or ethanol - free liquid extract which we stock) to protect the liver

  • Increase your Vit C through veggies and fruits and salads, to protect your liver

  • Stay hydrated, 1 cup of water for every alcoholic drink

  • Eat before and during

  • Replenish electrolytes via an electrolyte powder or coconut water

  • Stop drinking when you start to feel the "buzz"

Maybe try sparkling mineral water, diluted apple cider or ginger ale, or filtered water with a squeeze of citrus - I guarantee you'll wake up feeling clear headed, less bloated, and ready for a wonderful start to the new year.




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