Can't sleep?

Can't remember?

Can't be bothered?

Have you got a brain neurotransmitter imbalance?

Neurotransmitters are chemical compounds made by the brain and are either excitatory/stimulating/arousing OR inhibitory/dulling/sleep promoting.

Neurotransmitter levels can be influenced by nutritional deficiencies such as B3, B6, B12, Vit C, Magnesium, Manganese, chronic stress/overwork/sensory overload, medications (eg antidepressants), dietary stimulants (caffeine, chocolate, guarana), gut dysfunction (poor bowel flora), hormonal changes, and heavy metal and chemical exposure.

Lets review some of the more well known neurotransmitters, and how you may feel if your levels are low...

1. SEROTONIN: aggression, depression (worse during winter), sugar/carb cravings, anxiety, insomnia due to over active mind, frequent constipation

2. DOPAMINE: mental exhaustion, lack of motivation, restless leg syndrome, low libido

3. ACETYLCHOLINE: poor concentration, poor memory, light sleep, fatigue, constipation

4. GABA: anxiety/panic attacks, alcohol and drug addiction/craving, trembling, insomnia

5. HISTAMINE: agitation, overactive mind, confusion, low stomach acid, food allergies

6. MELATONIN: insomnia, frequent migraines/headaches, fibromyalgia/chronic pain

Bioconcepts (an Australian natural health company) have a comprehensive Mood Appraisal Questionnaire (MAQ) if you would like to delve further into the 'workings' of your brain chemistry.

It is ONLY available via an email link sent to you by a registered practitioner. After you fill it in, the results come to me directly with a detailed report about possible neurotransmitter imbalances. I then report back to you (via email) with suggested dietary and nutritional/herbal support options.

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