NEW YEAR, BETTER YOU...let me help?

As a Naturopath and Massage Therapist I see people in physical and emotional pain, women putting up with the crazy ride of hormonal imbalances, and some are struggling every morning to drag their butt out of bed because they are dog-tired. Other people know how they need to eat to lose weight/ not be constipated/ have more energy/ sleep better but we are sometimes experts in self-sabotage (no matter how many health guru blogs we follow). Why is it so simple, yet so frustrating to achieve a healthy mindbody?

So I thought what would be a good way to help as many people as I could without the burden of added expense and time because most of us feel challenged by these two!

A little kickstart is sometimes all we need to get the motivation to begin or maintain our wellness journey.

Health in our Hands is a multi-disciplinary practice with practitioners that are great at what they do and who do it with compassion.

So I'd like to offer our old, current and not yet clients a little kickstart to better health in 2020.

Simply email me a 4 day food diary - including EVERYTHING you eat and drink (keep it real people) - and I will email you back a little summary of suggestions and tips for FREE. If after that you decide to book in for a consultation ( initial 75 min visit $120, follow up $85), I'd love to offer you a massage treatment of your choice - Remedial, Kahuna, Bowen, Cranio-sacral, Traditional Thai or Spinopractic - with either myself or one of our talented therapists at 50% off. Thats a FREE diet diary review AND 50% discount on one bodywork treatment (redeemable after an initial or follow up naturopathic consultation).


So get cracking on those food diaries and let us help you make 2020 your year of great physical and mental health!