Vitamin D is a vitamin, acts as a hormone, and as a chemical "messenger," - therefore playing a crucial role in immune function, inflammatory responses, cell division, nervous system activity and bone structure.

A review of research findings reveals that Vitamin D is 800% more effective at preventing the flu than vaccines (FX Medicine 2010, Vol 60). It is also involved in the functioning of brain neurotransmitters - the ones that help in stabilising moods.

This Vitamin also reduces the risk of fractures due to its bone-building actions as well as improvements in muscle strength. It helps the body with blood glucose control and therefore reduces the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

Vitamin D may also limit the aggressiveness of cancer (Exp Dermatol 2010:19(10), as well as reducing the common side effects during cancer treatment such as depression, muscle weakness and pain.

I think Prof Holick from Boston University, USA puts the case for Vitamin D forward pretty clearly..."Vitamin D deficiency in adults increases their risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 50%, colorectal cancer by as much as 50%, increases their risk of having a heart attack by 50%... and many patients that are diagnosed with fibromylagia are in fact vitamin D deficient."

Geez... what isn't it good for? Perhaps we'll need to find other solutions to poverty, hunger, and civil war.