SELF CARE THIS XMAS (and beyond)

How we get to the end of each year is a by-product of how we travelled through the previous months. I see so many patients under stress and distress - due to their mental health issues, problems with their child/parent/sibling/partner, workplace harassment or bullying, hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, struggling to sleep/exercise, relationship issues...I could go on, but you get the idea. So how do you travel from January to December and what state are you in by the end of the year?

Self care is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves - it isn't spoiling or fussing - it is absolutely without doubt, the one priority we need to honour and follow through on. Self care allows us to not just get from A to B without falling apart, but allows us to cope, manage, and even enjoy the challenges that come with a full life. It can be the difference between thriving and collapsing.

What does self care look and feel like for you? Is it a foot soak or bath, a bush walk, a surf, a beach walk with a friend, a massage, listening to music with a face mask on, a nana nap in the afternoon? It may not be an activity at all but a conscious decision to lighten your load - eg start on- line grocery shopping, hiring a cleaner, delegating the kids to cook 1 meal/week, not checking messages and emails after 7pm. Whatever you choose, I ask you to consider it as a regular habit, not a one-off that you desperately reach to in a state of utter despair and frustration.

Here at Health in our Hands we have many experienced and compassionate therapists who understand and appreciate the challenges of juggling kids, partners, elderly parents, health issues etc. We encourage self care in ourselves and our clients for happier and healthier lives! You can reach each therapist directly on the phone numbers provided...

If you need to discuss concerns in your relationship then a chat with Deena, our Counsellor/Psychotherapist would be invaluable - She is a specialist in this area of work and her couples clients find her guidance invaluable in navigating through difficult relationship issues. Call Deena on 0438 811 117

If self care feels like a Massage or Bodywork then I'm happy to report you have lots of choice...prices vary according to treatment and length of session so please contact therapists directly. GIFT VOUCHERS also available so no need to suffer the agony of shopping at Westfields!!!

Maria (Hot stone, cranio sacral, remedial)...0414 524 909

Sheryl ( remedial, trigger point, rehab)...0410 540 388

Roslyn (remedial, relaxation, functional movement and foot rehab)...0419 691 960

Mark (Kahuna, Spinopractic, Bowen and Thai yoga)...0409 446 920

And if you need to address underlying issues affecting your mental health (eg anxiety or depression), hormone issues, problems with sleep, poor energy/motivation, dietary plans, gut health etc, then please contact me for a Naturopathic consultation - initial visit 75 mins $120.00, follow ups 30-40 mins $85.00

Until my next newsletter, I wish you peace and joy in your inner world, and more self care in place for the new year

Christine x